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Insite IOT™ remote temperature monitoring system

Designed for contract kitchens, food service providers, grocery stores and other industrial uses.

Insite Products are a cloud-based, wireless monitoring system that will help you reduce product loss, save time and remove the stress of operating equipment.

Insite T-Gate Sensor
Insite T-Gate Gateway

Easy, automated compliance records

USDA and health department compliance is easy with the Insite monitoring system. View all historical data and print to a custom PDF.

Smart phone

Monitor ALL of your equipment 24/7

No more manual checks or guessing games. View your dashboard at any time to see current or historical data. If temperatures go outside of your pre-set ranges, you will receive either an SMS or email notification - allowing you to respond instantly to equipment issues.


Affordable & scalable

Insite monitoring is affordable and scalable. Whether you run 5 kitchens or 50,000 kitchens - we can scale your plan and monitoring system.

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"Paid for itself in the first few months. Prevented thousands in lost inventory!"

Anne Skjold
District Food Service Director
Detroit Lakes Public Schools

Integrating seamlessly with food service

Let's face it: health regulations are going to become more demanding over time. State health departments and other regulatory groups will be demanding more from your employees and food service management.

Our solutions are designed to upgrade the safety of your food service equipment. Whether you run a contract kitchen, single school cafeteria or are in charge of district operation - we can help you with solutions to meet your needs.

Insight can help you

  • Monitor the temperature of fridges and freezers 24/7
  • Keep track of current and historical temperature using a laptop or smartphone
  • Receive alerts if temperatures exceed pre-set ranges for each unit
  • Keep a color-coded dashboard to organize each kitchen or unit under your control
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Helping you ensure food safety & avoid product loss

Food safety is essential for school cafeterias, restaurants, and food service operations. A safe food environment can help protect students and staff from foodborne illnesses while ensuring (verifying) all meals meet the highest safety standards and regulations. Our temperature monitoring ensures all food and beverages are kept at a correct and consistent temperature all day, every day. This helps your staff and management to avoid product losses.

Food loss and food waste account for $35 billion per year, on average. These costs can make or break your margins while working in the food and beverage service industry.

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Temperature monitoring for USDA and HACCP monitoring standards

HACCP record keeping is key to ensuring compliance with food safety regulations, providing documented evidence of your commitment to quality, and protecting your customers from potential food safety risks. It can help you identify potential hazards and areas of improvement, and allows you to trace products and processes to ensure they are up to the highest standards. Take preventive action before any food safety issues arise, and have documented proof of your food safety standards.

Insite can safely monitor and document historical data for all of your equipment.

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Cloud-based IoT technology

Insite monitoring technology was developed by BWR Innovations to be a cloud-based IoT technology. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This gives you the ability to have real-time, reliable reporting of current and historical temperatures.

Industries & Uses

food service

Contract & commercial kitchens

University kitchens, school cafeterias, hospital food service, assisted living centers, hotels, event centers, and more.

grocery store freezer

Grocery store & retail food sales

Reach-in vertical cases, walk-in coolers/freezers, milk coolers, display cabinets, deli cases, drop in coolers, cook/chill units, and more.

Restaurant temperature monitoring

Restaurants & fast food

Refrigerated prep tables, glass door refrigerators, refrigerator/freezer combos, blast coolers and more.

Commercial refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration

Food & beverage wholesalers, distributors, and processors.

greenhouse overhead

Greenhouses & grow houses

Wholesales greenhouses, specialty plant grow houses, garden centers, and retail greenhouses.

hvac system on rooftop

HVAC systems

Boilers, rooftop units, and forced air furnaces.

temperature monitored vaccines

Healthcare & pharmacy

Vaccine & medication temperature monitoring.

data center

Machine & mechanical control rooms

Elevator control rooms, escalator control rooms, and more.

Partnering with FCMI to bring you the best technology

Insite is the exclusive technology partner of Food Chain Management Inc. (FCMI)

Click here to see full press release on this partnership.

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Whether you run a small gas station in the middle of North Dakota or manage a large regional food distribution company, we can place the technology in your hands to monitor your equipment from one convenient dashboard. This includes refrigeration equipment, HVAC, freezers, coolers, and other temperature-sensitive equipment.